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ID Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
zma_circ_000001 Zea mays chr1: 1785946-1786064 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000002 Zea mays chr1: 3444696-3444824 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000003 Zea mays chr1: 7308476-7308580 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000004 Zea mays chr1: 7964341-7964517 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000005 Zea mays chr1: 10543257-10543383 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000006 Zea mays chr1: 14624817-14624921 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000007 Zea mays chr1: 15069280-15069404 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000008 Zea mays chr1: 15169783-15169889 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000009 Zea mays chr1: 16825374-16825504 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000010 Zea mays chr1: 22251918-22252050 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000011 Zea mays chr1: 24930772-24930875 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000012 Zea mays chr1: 27122921-27123043 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000013 Zea mays chr1: 27979704-27980078 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000014 Zea mays chr1: 33837973-33838088 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000015 Zea mays chr1: 35746357-35746476 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000016 Zea mays chr1: 38132763-38132867 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000017 Zea mays chr1: 38133963-38134064 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000018 Zea mays chr1: 38853316-38853559 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000019 Zea mays chr1: 38853767-38853923 exonic NA NA
zma_circ_000020 Zea mays chr1: 38854165-38854272 exonic NA NA

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