Comprehensive database of plant circular RNAs.

New features in Release 7.0

Full-length sequence

31,109 circRNAs with full-length transcripts.

Conservation scores

PMCS (plant multiple conservation score) was calculated.

Single-cell resolution

Expression patterns were explored in scRNA-seq data.

More Plant Species

A total of 171,118 circRNAs from 21 plant species were collected.

The number of circRNAs in each plant species ranges from tens to tensof thousands. The top two plant species that have the most circRNAs are Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa.

Top Two

Arabidopsis thaliana 52,393 circRNAs
52,393 circRNAs
Oryza sativa 43,905 circRNAs
43,905 circRNAs

All 21 plant species in PlantcircBase

A total of 21 plant species were collected in PlantcircBase


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Visualize circRNA based on genomic position


Predict circRNAs from query sequences


Genomic view of circRNAs and their parent genes


Potential interactions among circRNAs, miRNAs and mRNAs

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PlantcircBase Release 7 online! Totally, 21 organisms and 171,118 circRNAs! Circular RNAs from Panax ginseng have been added to PlantcircBase.

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PlantcircBase Release 6 online! Totally, 20 organisms and 142,115 circRNAs! Circular RNAs from Populus have been added to PlantcircBase.

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PlantcircBase Release 5 online! Totally, 19 organisms and 121,971 circRNAs! Circular RNAs from Brassica rapa and Cucumis sativus have been added to PlantcircBase.

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