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ID Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
hvu_circ_000001 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 23864318-23866057 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000002 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 60689841-60690191 exonic NA NA
hvu_circ_000003 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 128008822-128014221 exonic NA NA
hvu_circ_000004 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 177434203-177434347 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000005 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 363958561-363959513 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000006 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 389129363-389130325 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000007 Hordeum vulgare chr1: 429513196-429515439 intergenic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000008 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 467982888-467983386 intergenic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000009 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 476367671-476368169 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000010 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 482080734-482081397 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000011 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 483514445-483514888 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000012 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 532048153-532048410 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000013 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 566491430-566492027 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000014 Hordeum vulgare chr2: 605441109-605441443 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000015 Hordeum vulgare chr3: 100501939-100502294 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000016 Hordeum vulgare chr3: 351423944-351425007 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000017 Hordeum vulgare chr3: 473869516-473869731 intergenic NA NA
hvu_circ_000018 Hordeum vulgare chr3: 486789367-486789848 exonic Yes NA
hvu_circ_000019 Hordeum vulgare chr3: 499962355-499962651 exonic NA NA
hvu_circ_000020 Hordeum vulgare chr4: 71095325-71097097 intronic NA NA

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