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Name Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.18 Oryza sativa chrSyng_TIGR_028: 26209-26638 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.19 Oryza sativa chrSyng_TIGR_028: 29094-30652 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os03g0100030_circ_g.1 Oryza sativa chr3: 14307-15446 e-circRNA NA NA
Os03g0100030_circ_g.2 Oryza sativa chr3: 14403-14517 i-circRNA NA NA
Os03g0100050_circ_g.1 Oryza sativa chr3: 20562-20703 i-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.5 Oryza sativa chrAP008247: 17005-17107 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.6 Oryza sativa chrAP008247: 32069-32171 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.7 Oryza sativa chrAP008247: 88033-88595 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.8 Oryza sativa chrAP008247: 89098-89219 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.9 Oryza sativa chrAP008247: 89852-90115 ig-circRNA NA NA
Os09g0573000_circ_ig.4 Oryza sativa chrAC174930: 6865-7046 ig-circRNA NA NA

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