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Name Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
Zm00001d004428_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr2: 111134271-111136081 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d005064_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr2: 156943929-156945384 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d005154_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr2: 161426262-161426789 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d006142_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr2: 199695691-199696097 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d006142_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr2: 199695864-199696097 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d006307_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr2: 204175153-204175449 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d007450_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr2: 232000394-232002190 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039342_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 2139982-2140597 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039385_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 3103124-3105054 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039400_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 3422077-3422591 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039400_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr3: 3422078-3422591 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039558_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 7974418-7975430 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039558_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr3: 7974420-7975432 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d039558_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr3: 7974421-7975432 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d040689_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 58304625-58305137 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d041701_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 133890902-133891790 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d041701_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr3: 133890903-133891790 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d042994_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 186172607-186176655 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d043192_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 191173817-191174615 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d043683_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 207236924-207237983 ie-circRNA NA NA

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