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Name Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
Zm00001d011560_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr8: 154466143-154466428 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d044903_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr9: 6785076-6785994 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d045473_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr9: 23445930-23446660 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d045553_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr9: 26602772-26602955 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d047361_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr9: 127688418-127689356 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d047467_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr9: 130978326-130979343 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d023396_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 4674382-4674839 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d023538_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 9369582-9370120 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d023538_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr10: 9369583-9370120 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d023705_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 16372561-16372819 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d025421_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 118149615-118150877 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d025706_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr10: 126884842-126886918 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d026079_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 137926586-137928987 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d026238_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 141680501-141681100 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d026448_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr10: 146059142-146059514 ei-circRNA NA NA

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