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Name Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
Zm00001d038052_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 146472967-146473361 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d038675_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 162383139-162383875 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d038675_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr6: 162383533-162383875 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d038824_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 165289662-165292745 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d019062_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr7: 14886038-14886444 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d019062_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr7: 14886038-14886445 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021127_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr7: 143328750-143331353 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021183_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr7: 145179693-145180132 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021183_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr7: 145179694-145179985 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021183_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr7: 145179694-145180132 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021183_circ_g.4 Zea mays chr7: 145179706-145180132 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021183_circ_g.5 Zea mays chr7: 145180230-145181168 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d021732_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr7: 161619586-161620259 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d022010_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr7: 167914575-167915389 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d022010_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr7: 167914576-167915386 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d022038_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr7: 168401750-168401905 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d022132_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr7: 170954811-170956431 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d008769_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr8: 19563609-19565932 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d009005_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr8: 29718618-29718872 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d010804_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr8: 128349403-128349803 ui-circRNA NA NA

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