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Name Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
Zm00001d043683_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr3: 207236927-207237985 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d043981_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 215534137-215534552 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d044301_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 224584126-224584545 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d044348_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 225602256-225602920 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d044437_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 228073142-228078266 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d044478_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 229252138-229253626 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d044503_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr3: 230007769-230012052 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d050313_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr4: 80535177-80537096 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d052050_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr4: 177643493-177643694 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d052050_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr4: 177650976-177653216 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d052380_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr4: 188749977-188750735 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d052859_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr4: 202743763-202744201 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d053199_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr4: 219485942-219486649 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d013079_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 4423130-4423325 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d013831_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 21890676-21890982 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d014674_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr5: 58603627-58605785 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d014674_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr5: 58603628-58605785 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d015053_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 73221389-73222128 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d016041_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 141197796-141198848 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d016041_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr5: 141198447-141198848 u-circRNA NA NA

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