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Name Organism Location Type Back-splicing site valided Full length valided
Zm00001d016299_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 156137778-156140348 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d016702_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 173119079-173119854 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d016794_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 176114397-176115277 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d016794_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr5: 176115141-176115896 e-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d018145_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr5: 215501389-215502802 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d018246_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr5: 217343866-217346329 ie-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d018246_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr5: 217349670-217350465 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d036750_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 99764129-99765121 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d036750_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr6: 99764130-99765121 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d036750_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr6: 99764130-99765534 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037083_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 111668093-111668333 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037247_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 117826223-117827169 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037247_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr6: 117826223-117828997 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037247_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr6: 117830866-117831359 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037247_circ_g.4 Zea mays chr6: 117831002-117831359 u-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037252_circ_g.5 Zea mays chr6: 118132598-118133793 ue-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d037401_circ_g.6 Zea mays chr6: 124549649-124550368 ui-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d038045_circ_g.1 Zea mays chr6: 145988546-145989888 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d038045_circ_g.2 Zea mays chr6: 145990003-145990342 ei-circRNA NA NA
Zm00001d038045_circ_g.3 Zea mays chr6: 145990543-145990771 ui-circRNA NA NA

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