Detail information of AT1G02910_circ_g.2

General Information
CircRNA Name AT1G02910_circ_g.2
ID in PlantcircBase ath_circ_000354
Alias NA
Organism Arabidpsis thaliana
Position chr1: 656541-656587  JBrowse»
Reference genome TAIR10.38
Type   i-circRNA
Identification method CIRCexplorer
Parent gene AT1G02910
Parent gene annotation Protein LOW PSII ACCUMULATION 1, chloroplastic
Parent gene strand -
Alternative splicing NA
Support reads 1
Tissues whole_plant
Exon boundary   No-No
Splicing signals   AG-AA
Number of exons covered 0
Experimental Information
Sanger sequencing for BSS   NA
PCR primers for BSS    NA
Sanger sequencing for FL    NA
PCR primers for FL    NA
Splice junction sequence   AAAAAGTAGAAAAAGAAACTCACaggctaattcacactccaggcagt
Assembled circRNA sequence   NA
Full-length trsnacripts NA
Conservation Information
Conserved circRNAs NA
PMCS 0.312386526
Functional Information
Coding potential N
Potential coding position NA
Potential amino acid sequence NA
Sponge-miRNAs NA
Potential function description NA
Other Information
References Chu et al., 2017