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Final Announcement

The 3rd International Conference of Quantitative Genetics
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China August 19 -24, 2007
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The 3rd International Conference on Quantitative Genetics (ICQG3) will be held during August 19-24, 2007 hosted by Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. As with the 1st ICQG in Ames, Iowa in 1976 and the 2nd ICQG in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1987, the 3rd Conference will be a comprehensive survey of the current status of quantitative genetics. New technologies in areas ranging from genomics and molecular genetics to statistics are providing both opportunities and challenges for our understanding of the genetic basis of quantitative traits in natural populations, the evolution of characters, and use for plant and animal breeding.

The?current conference program?with listed speakers is appended. The Conference Hall is located in Sir Run Run Shaw Science Building at Yu-Quan Campus of Zhejiang University. International participants, invited speakers, and accompaniers will stay in an international hotel, the Dragon Hotel, in the downtown of Hangzhou. Chinese participants will stay in Yu-Quan Hotel across to Yu-Quan Campus of Zhejiang University.

Zhejiang University is one of the few top-rank research institutions in China. It is a comprehensive institute with a full range of disciplines. With a faculty capable of top-level and large-scale research and a high proportion of graduate students, the university has been undertaking projects, both basic and applied, to address pressing issues and challenges of today and of the future.

The City of Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient capital cities of China. It has a population of 3.72 million and has a recorded history spanning 2100years. Marco Polo described Hangzhou as the "Most beautiful, magnificent, and heavenly city in the world." Located in China's most developed southeast coastal area, Hangzhou is renowned for its thriving economy, colorful culture and beautiful landscape, especially its famed West Lake and Tea House.

The Conference welcomes participants to submit contributed papers. Only an abstract is needed and is be submitted at registration for the conference. A number of contributed papers?have been?selected for oral presentation in an appropriate session of the conference.

Accompanying persons are also welcomed, and a special program for them will be arranged. The detail arrangements for one-day tours and post-conference tours are given on sightseeing. The tour reservation should be processed on August 19 during the registration time. The tour company will set up a desk at the Dragon Hotel.



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