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ClusterProject 1.0

A Computer Software for Clustering Analysis

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haiyan Pan, Jun Zhu


Institute of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang University, China

..ClusterProject is a program that provides a computational and graphical environment for analyzing data from DNA microarray experiments, or other corresponding cluster datasets. This software with a graphical user interface contains various clustering methods (ten agglomerative hierarchical methods, one divisive hierarchical method and three partitional clustering methods), various similarity metrics, and the evaluation metrics, as well as multi-variant analysis including PCA and the mixed model approach. Detailed information can be get from the User Manual of ClusterProject.

The software has the following attributes:

²       MDI (Multi-Document Interface) framework enables the user to work with more than one document at the same time.

²       Project manages the all resources including data, configuration, graph and report with a tree browser.

²       Various graphical modes include 2D distributing, 3D distributing, tree, and profile plot. These graphs can be saved as BMP or PDF documents.


Download and Installation

    The latest release (1/12/2004) of the software is available for download ClusterProject_1.0_Setup.exe. Installation will start by executing the downloaded file ClusterProject_1.0_Setup.exe.


Error Messages and Troubleshooting:

    If you have any questions with our software, please contact Jun Zhu, Institute of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310029, China. Email: jzhu@zju.edu.cn.



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2.Haiyan Pan, Jun Zhu. 2004. Clustering gene expression data based on predicted differential effects of GV interaction. Bioinformatics, submitted.