Software for the classical quantitative genetics

Developed by Guobo Chen , Futao Zhang and Jun Zhu

Institute of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang University, China

Features of the Software
This software has several features: Handle complicated genetic models for agronomic traits, seed traits, and developmental traits; Analyze unbalanced data; Combine jackknifing techniques to test the significance of each genetic parameter; Some important references are listed in the result files.
QGAStation 2.0 was released and runs well both on the CPU framwork and the GPU framework.
System Requirements
Operation System:  Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS for QGAStation 2.0; Windows XP for QGAStation 1.0
Download and Installation                                                                                             (download Chine Version)
QGAStation 2.0
QGAStation 1.0