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PlantGDB PlantGDB is an NSF-funded project to develop plant species-specific EST and GSS databases, to provide web-accessible tools and inter-species query capabilities, and to provide genome browsing and annotation capabilities.

Gramene Marker Database The marker database now contains a total of 4,547,608 markers from more than 180 species. The database has been updated with an additional 13,519 Class I SSRs from rice.(Mon Oct 17 12:21:40 2005)

plantMarkers database The PlantMarkers database is a database of predicted plant molcular markers.Using the summer 2004 release of openSputnik, 4 million EST sequences from the top 54 plant species have been clustered into almost 1 million unigenes. Used these unigene sequences as a starting material for the selection of candidate SSR, SNP and COS markers.

pazean Molecular and Functional Diversity of the Maize Genome.

IMGT/PRIMER-DB, the IMGT database for primers of the immunoglobulins (IG),  T cell receptors (TR) and related proteins of the immune system (RPI).

The Quantitative PCR Primer Database (QPPD) provides information about primers and probes that can be used for human and mouse real time RT–PCR assays. All data has been gathered from published articles, cited in PubMed.

Real Time PCR Primer Sets Real time PCR primers submitted by researchers.

RTPrimerDB - Real Time PCR Primer and Probe Database Real time PCR primers submitted by researchers.

Primer3 Web based primer design program.

Web Primer Web based primer design program.


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