Welcome to the database of Magnaporthe grisea microsattelite (MGM) markers

M. grisea is the most destructive fungal pathogen of rice. It is also a model organism for studying the host-pathogen interaction and the first plant pathogenic fungus of which the whole genome has been sequenced. We designed 446 pairs of microsattelite (SSR) primers of M. grisea based on the genome sequence data (Versions 2 and 5) and analyzed their polymorphisms among 9 M. grisea isolates by PCR and 6% non-denaturing PAGE (300 V, 2h). We also constructed a genetic linkage map congsisting of 180 SSR markers based on a segregating population derived from cross between isolates Guy11 and 2539. This database provides all information of these SSR markers and the genetic linkage map.


Please input a marker's name (from MGM1 to MGM454) for its detailed information (eg. MGM134)


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