Han Lide



Dept. of Agronomy, Anhui Agricultrual Univeristy

Hefei, 230036, P. R. China  




Institute of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang Univeristy,


Hangzhou, 310029, P. R. China


Email: hanlide@zju.edu.cn  hldahau@126.com




Ph. D. Student in Bioinformatics and Quantity Genetics,2003,Institute of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang Univerity Hangzhou. Zhejiang, China .

Superviser: Professor Zhu Jun.


Master in Statistics and Quantity Genetics, 2000, National Center of Soybean Improvement, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing.Jiangsu, China .

Superviser: Professor Gai Junyi & Qiu Jiaxun


Bachelor in Agronomy,1995, Department of Agronomy, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei, Anhui, China .


Interest  Research


Bioinformatics (such as microarray data, sequence analysis etc.)


Experimental design and statistical analysis of data


Mixed linear model analyses


Breeding and genetic analysis of crops for improving quantitative traits




Languages: C/C++, R, Perl


Bioinformatics: Analysis of microarray data and QTL mapping


Mathematics: Linear model methods, HMM


Biology: Quantitative genetics, Molecular genetics, Molecular biology


Software: SAS, SPSS, Matlab


Research Experience


Microarray Data Mining and Analysis                                             2003.3-current


Nuclear-cytoplasmic Interaction in Plants and Seed                     2003.3-current


Genetics and Breeding in Soybean                                                1997.9-current


Breeding and Cultivation in Cotton                                                 1995.8-1997.8


Genetics and Breeding in Rice                                                       1995.2-1995.7




Associate Professor  Agronomy College, Anhui Agricultural University            2006 -Current


Lecturer                      Agronomy College, Anhui Agricultural University             2001-2006 


Instructor                   Agronomy Department, Anhui Agricultural University        2000-2001


Intern Researcher  Institute of Cotton Sci., Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sci. 1995-1997          


Main Publications (after 2001) 


1.  Liu GF, Han LD, Wu YJ, Zhen LY & Xu LZ. 2001. Selection of Rice cultivars with high P or N-deficiency tolerance, Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 24(3):199-202 (in Chinese) 


2. Han LD, Gai JY & Qiu JX. 2002. Study on evaluation method of quality traits of vegetable soybean. Soybean Science,21(4):274-277 (in Chinese)


3. Han LD, Qiu JX & Gai JY. 2003. Study on evaluation of quality traits in genetic resources of summer-planted vegetable soybean. Soybean Science, 22(1):27-31 (in Chinese)


4. Han LD, Gai JY, Qiu JX & Yu DY. 2003. Genetic variation and breeding objective of sensory quality traits of vegetable soybean. Journal of Plant Genetic Resources, 4 (1):16-21(in Chinese)


5. Han LD, Gai JY & Qiu JX. 2003. A study on developmental process of pod and seed traits of summer-planted vegetable soybean and suitable pod picking period. Soybean Science, 22(3):202-207 (in Chinese)


6. Han LD, Hu J, Xu HM, Qiu JX & Huang ZL. 2005. Studies on method of core subset construction for sensory quality traits of summer-planted vegetable soybean. Journal of Zhejiang University (Agric. & Life Sci.), 31(3):288-292 (in Chinese)


7. Han LD, Xu HM & Hu J. 2006. A study on representative evaluation parameters of quantitative traits for core collection. Journal of Biomathematics (accepted) (in Chinese)


8. Han LD, Zhu J & Yang J. 2006. Analysis of genetic effects of nuclear-cytoplasmic interaction on quantitative traits: genetic model for diploid plants, Acta Genica Sinica (accepted)




College of Agriculture & Biotechnology, Zhejiang University


Institute of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang University


Zhejiang University